Watch Chef Lidia's Visit to Maugeri Farms on "Italy in America Series"
Sunday, September 25th 1:30pm, NJTV - Comcast Channel 261 (more info)

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Celebrated Chef & Author, Lidia Bastianich
visits Maugeri Farms in Woolwich Township, NJ

Lidia Bastianich's New Cookbook: "Lidia's Italy in America"
is Now Available at a Bookstore Near You!

Featured on Page 26.... is Mom (Anna) Maugeri's Wonderful Asparagus Fritter Recipe!!

Read all about Lidia's August 2010 Visit to Our Farm on Pages 301 & 302!

Take care, and enjoy Lidia's cookbook!


Watch Maugeri Farms as featured on "Lidia's Italy in America"
Episode Title: "California and New Jersey - From the Garden State to the Golden State"
Date/Time: Sunday, September 25th 1:30pm, on NJTV, Comcast Channel 261*

*Please use the title of this episode to search for the airing time and channel if you do not have Comcast.

Watch YouTube Promo for Lidia's new tv series:
Lidia's Italy in America

Lidia Bastianich visited Maugeri Farms in Woolwich Township NJ accompanied by her daughter, Tanya, on Wednesday August 4, 2010.

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich is the Emmy-nominated host of the James Beard Award Winning, nationally syndicated cooking series "Lidia’s Italy! & Lidia’s Family Table" on public television.  She is also a world renown chef with her own restaurants, owner of an award winning Italian Winery, and the many recipes she has prepared on her tv shows can be found in her companion cookbooks. 

Lidia's assistant, Lauren, contacted Joe Maugeri, after she visited the farms' website. Lauren and Lidia loved the story about how the farm began back in 1928. Maugeri Farms is presently being run by brothers Sam and Joe Maugeri, who are both 3rd generation farmers.

Anna Maugeri, mother of Sam and Joe, prepared a wonderful meal for Lidia and Tanya to enjoy upon their arrival. For the luncheon, Anna used Jersey Fresh
produce that is grown and harvested right here at Maugeri Farms. Lidia and Tanya joined Anna, Sam, Joe and other members of the Maugeri family for a bountiful lunch.

After a fine meal that included chicken cutlet, roasted red peppers, tomato salad, cucumber salad and eggplant parmesan, Lidia was taken for a tour of the farm guided by Sam and Joe. After touring the tomato and eggplant fields, Lidia was taken to one of the farms' packing houses where plum tomatoes were being packaged for shipment.

The visit to Maugeri Farms will be featured in Lidia's NEW cookbook and new cooking show series, both of which will focus on Italian immigrants and their contributions to the food industry here in America. The new cookbook is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2011. Lidia's new cooking series will air in the fall of 2011.



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  We've gathered a few photographs from Lidia's visit to our home & Maugeri Farms to share with you, please see below...  


The Maugeri Family is honored to share a meal with the famous Lidia Bastianich!

Lidia with Anna, Sam's wife Joanne with daughters Stacey and Ashley.

Anna Maugeri makes lunch for Lidia featuring Jersey Fresh produce right from their farm. Shown: roasted peppers & cucumber salad.

For an appetizing display, turn each slice of Sweet Jersey Honeydew in the opposite direction on a pretty platter.

Lunch is made using Maugueri's Farm Fresh vegetables and fruits.

The table is filled with authentic Italian American foods prepared by Anna for her family and honored guest Lidia Bastianich.

Lidia tells some fascinating stories about her travels, shown above, Karen & Joe Maugeri (left)

Matriarch of the family, Anna Maugeri, enjoys some pleasant conversation over a delectable meal.



Lidia dedicates several cookbooks to the members of the Maugeri Family.

Taking a tour of Maugeri Farms, in a packaging house, today tomatoes are being sent to market.



Lidia seems quite pleased in the beautiful fields of ripening eggplant.

This eggplant is perfecto!




Anna and Karen's Lidia's Cookbook Collection are waiting to be autographed.

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